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NM_005534.2 Gene Symbol IFNGR2
Protein Name Interferon gamma receptor 2 (interferon gamma transducer 1)
Alternate Names AF-1, IFGR2, IFNGT1
Gene Locus 21q22.11

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IDR HPRD OMIM Entrez Gene NetPath Reactome PDB HGNC Ensembl Swiss-Prot RefDIC
45 00956 147569 3460 NetPath_M3460 3460 -
5440 ENSG00000159128 P38484 IFNGR2

Disease name Characteristic / Associated features Category inheritance type
IFN-gamma2 receptor deficiency Generalized BCG infection after newborn inoculation; lepromatous-like lesions; Mycobacterium abscessus infection; absence of IFNγ signaling; Susceptibility to Salmonella infections Congenital defects of Phagocyte number, function or both Autosomal recessive